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Hi there! I’m Mel.


And I get it.


I am a small town girl and I was once right where you are now. Wanting to follow my passion and do what I love but also having to incorporate the business side of the equation into my work.


After spending 10-years as a female Director of a Men’s Professional Soccer team, I was completely overwhelmed and lost with what to do next.


I threw myself into teaching, as a Business Executive Program professor and quickly realized that while it is something I’m knowledgeable about, there was no passion.


And I needed passion!


I became certified as a Coach Practitioner with the International Coaches Federation and have never felt more fulfilled or in line with my life, my passion, and my purpose.


Now, I spend my days partnering with small town business owners and entrepreneurs to overcome their overwhelm, streamline their systems, clarify any confusion, allowing them to confidently embrace and materialize their own success.


Whether you’re seeking support and guidance around the hurtles of birthing your new business, or assistance with clarifying your goals and developing a plan to get you there, I offer various coaching programs to fit your unique needs, including navigating the constant growth of technology no matter where you are in the process.

Whether you are looking to learn how to use your own website, the basics of social media such as Instagram or Facebook or how to create a newsletter folks will tune into.

I am here to help!



Mel Ireton, Business Coach

Free Consultation

Not sure if you need a coach, or are you wanting to learn more? Book a Free Phone Consultation.

One Hour Coaching Session

You are ready to get started and are tired of waiting. Lets make a plan!

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