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The Ladies Lounge
Group Coaching Program

An Online Group Coaching Program for Ladies in Business

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Are you a female entrepreneur in the service industry who puts your heart and soul into your business? Do you need a place to find direction, to ground you, and to help you achieve a positive work/life mindset.

A place to learn best business practices and to implement measures of success with accountability, so you never feel like you are not moving forward again.


I have the place for you- The Ladies Lounge Group Coaching Program is a paid coaching program, where you can find the business mentorship and balance you need to take your business to the next level.  

The process:

We believe that staying accountable, on track and in touch is the key to succeeding in this three month program.  So, we are meeting every week for one hour.  In our first session we will begin by setting your goals for the next year, we will then break that down into 90 day increments and focus on achieving your business and personal goals for that time frame. 

I have never set goals!

Thats okay! We understand that running your own business is busy and goal planning sometimes never happens, regardless of your best intentions. This changes the moment you decide to join us!

I have some ideas I would love to implement, but I am not sure how to do that!

Perfect! This is not your average coaching program where we leave you to figure it out by asking tactful questions. We know you don't have a ton of time and we respect that. We will give you best practices, mentorship and education each week to help you to make the right decision for your business and balance needs.

I've tried setting goals, but sometimes I get off track!

This is why accountability is another key to your success! We want you to succeed so we will do our very best to keep you accountable to your commitment to yourself by implementing clear deadlines, and measures of success.

I already set goals!

Amazing! Lets review them and ensure they are the best use of your time, money and resources. Let's review where we can have your business working more efficiently and begin to scale to the next level.
Let's give you back some of your time!

But we are different from other coaching groups. How you ask?

1. We look at the end result and monitor your progress each week to keep you on track.
2. You are not expected to have the answers, we will help you to find them with expert help.
3. Your coach operates a modern consulting firm that has access to experts in a variety of industries, which means you have that access too!
4. This is not a group for everyone! You have to be ready to make changes and be willing to put in the work to achieve it. 




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When do we start?

September 20th at 12pm

on ZOOM and every Tuesday until December 20th.

What if I have to miss a session?

No Problem! You will inevitably miss a session or two. All sessions will be recorded, and you can submit your questions in the Private Facebook Group. 

Starts September 20th at 12pm EST
Choose from a Pay in Full Price of $1000 CAD for 3 months, or
$340 a month for 3 months

Class Dates in EST:

September 20th at 12pm
September 27th at 12pm
October 11th at 12pm
October 18th at 12pm
November 1st at 12pm
November 8th at 12pm
November 15th at 12pm
November 22nd at 12pm
November 29th at 12pm
December 6th at 12pm
December 13th at 12pm
December 20th at 12pm


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