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If Wise-Women Ran the World!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

If wise-women ran the world, we might all be a little more sensitive. Sensitive enough to understand others feelings, to listen to the other side of the story. We might acknowledge how our actions affect others, be quicker to offer an apology. Show compassion to one another instead of hatred and greed. To learn to let it go. Would it be better? I cannot think of a single woman on the planet who might be evil enough to lead governments to commit acts of violence, where other options exist. "Use your words" is something every female will say at some point in their lives. These basic skills of motherhood and childhood are being forgotten, while the great male leaders behave like children who cannot share their toys. Imagine if women ran the world with all their multi-facets and skills. Compassion and caring, understanding and intelligence. The ability to run a country while breast-feeding, or successfully have a career while raising good, wholesome human beings. Imagine a leader who could be sick and still ensure that her family has all it needs, that nobody is let down, that always gives their best. Wise women would do that.

Maybe that's what the world needs. Wise Women who act with grace, but corner her or threaten those she loves, and you will be sternly and strategically placed into learning a lesson. The women who do not react but plan, who do not hide, but appear with grace. If women ran the world, might we be willing to sit down and discuss issues before they became dramatic world events. To be able to disagree and discuss instead of debate and exert power. Might we recognize that power in unity is more conducive to positive outcomes than behaving like little spoiled boys who have to share their favourite toy truck.

If wise women ran the world, would we lift each other up? Support each other's dreams, give to those who need it and resolve conflicts with royal grace. As we celebrate International Women's Day, it feels appropriate to wonder, as we weigh in on the heaviness of the male leaders creating conflict all around us. If wise-women ran the world there would be nothing we could not do, with grace, confidence, intelligence and compassion. Because Wise-Women support wise-women, and behave only with grace. Surround yourself with wise-women and let the world watch you as you rise. Happy International Women's Day! Melanie

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