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Sales vs. Marketing, Understand the Difference

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

I often meet ladies who are confused about Sales and Marketing. They have been led to believe that they are one in the same. Which is not surprising since you are taught consistently to market yourselves on social media in order to get sales.

We live in a hyped online world of instructional messaging that incorrectly pushes you to post everyday, in order to grow your following. The result is exhausting entrepreneurs and coaches everywhere.

It is no wonder I meet so many women who are just overwhelmed by it all. So I am here to set the record straight!

First of all let's review and clarify why Sales and Marketing ARE NOT THE SAME THING! Marketing is promoting your brand and creating awareness about your product, service or offer. It is letting the world know you are there and promoting your messaging as a brand. Usually you would have marketing pillars to create all of your content , to ensure consistency in your messaging and attract your ideal clients aka leads. Within the definition of marketing is your Brand logo, colours, fonts and company values. You use these key elements to create advertising to attract new clients to your business.

Sales is the process of establishing connections with your leads in order to sell your offer and make money. It includes understanding your buyers journey so that you know the steps YOUR ideal clients will take prior to committing to a purchase. Traditionally speaking these would be the stages of awareness, consideration and decision making. With Sales you understand how to speak to your client in each of these stages to move them into the next stage. You understand the psychology behind the process and address it in your Marketing Strategy. Sales and Marketing are two different items which work together to MAKE YOU MONEY! You see every sale will be met with the following questions: - Do I need it?

- Can I afford it? - Do I want it? - Can I trust the seller?

- How long do I have to make a decision? Sales is how you respond to objections about making a purchase and engage and connect with a prospective client after your marketing has attracted them. Either into your Facebook Group, Instagram Following, Newsletter or onto an actual call. Your marketing strategy should be based on your sales process, answering these questions in your social media platforms, newsletters, live events and sales pages. In return, your sales process should be based on your brand values of authenticity, genuine connection and a holistic approach to helping people. Your sales process and strategy should reflect your brand and its values. Think of it as a pair of badass ladies working together for the same goal and who have each others back 100%!

For example...

Just last week I was speaking with a new client about the overwhelm she was facing in creating posts everyday for her Instagram account. We were chatting and I said "Laura seriously I would just stop! It is too stressful. You have a following of 653 (at that time) stop trying to attract them and start engaging with them and making sales. Start getting to know the following you already have. Start letting them get to know you." Posting everyday is not what will make you money! I asked if she knew anything about the people who were following her, or if they were just names and she was so embarrassed to respond with, " I don't know anything about them." I of course reassured her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about, because it is what many entrepreneurs and coaches do when they believe that marketing and sales are the same thing.

Of course, it is not that she was doing it on purpose, she was doing what she thought she was supposed to do to succeed.

This is the important of understanding the difference between Sales and Marketing and why you need both to work together. You want to know who your following is and warm them up as we refer to it in sales. But you want to do it authentically, no need to TRY to sell. Try to get to know them! I promise you will learn valuable information and make great friends in the process. At the end of the day, Sales is not more important than Marketing and Marketing is not more important than Sales. They are both invaluable pieces that MUST work together. You need the marketing to attract the clients and the sales process to make the moola! Melanie Ireton- Business Coach & Sales Strategist

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