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Beat Burnout with Nina Nesdoly

(Work stress & burnout expert)

Beat Burnout Poster.png

“Self-care” and “burnout” are big buzzwords in 2022 – but what does stress management in your work really look like?

Join the Ladies Lounge and Nina Nesdoly (work stress & burnout expert at Workplace Clarity) on June 7, 2022, for Beat Burnout. You’ll learn to identify and prevent burnout with simple and effective strategies that go beyond self-care and change the way you approach your work or business. Key takeaways include:

  • Scientifically proven strategies to relieve stress.

  • Stress management techniques to use while you work.

  • Strategies that balance your wellbeing and achievement so you can pursue your goals without burning out.

Register now for $57 CAD

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